Senior Pastor Juri Popov

Juri Popov was born on December 10, 1961 in Sarata, a village in the suburbs of Odessa. His father was a pastor of a local Pentecostal church. From early childhood, the word of God formed the ideology and character of Juri. In 1985, in the city of Tallinn, he started his ministry in the “Church of the Full Gospel” as an elder of the church and the leader of the worship group. In 1989, Juri Popov founded a new church in the same city which was named “Church of the New Testament” and he served there as pastor over the span of five years. In 1994, Pastor Juri Popov arrived in the United States of America in the state of California upon the invitation of several Russian-speaking churches. Within the year, he preached in many Russian and American churches of different denominations. His services took place with the support of American pastors Robert Saunders and Ron Lewis. During this time, in one cramped apartment in Brooklyn, New York, Jewish believers in Jesus Christ gathered and prayed. They were once again without a church and they missed fellowship, sermons and worship. Juri Popov was greeted with hospitality there and he preached to this group for a period of time. God called him to be a pastor to them. Soon afterwards, in 1996, the church named “Beth Shalom”, a translation from Hebrew meaning “House of Peace”, was officially registered and began its weekly services. Through Juri Popov’s sermons and ministry of healing and deliverance hundreds of people have received salvation and have been able to obtain freedom in the Lord. At the present time, Pastor Juri Popov along with his wife and three children live in New Jersey.

Pastor Slava Samoylich

Slava Samoylich was born in 1970 in Ukraine. He was the tenth and last child born into a Christian family. During that time, the communist regime oppressed religious freedom in all possible ways, but that did not hinder his parents from teaching their children to love God and obey His word. After finishing high school, Slava began to attend “Christ to the World,” a Bible Institute in the Latvian city of Jelgava. In 1991, he completed the institute and began his ministry as an assistant pastor in the Russian city of Omsk. In September 1992, Slava Samoylich arrived in the United States of America as a permanent resident. Here in 1995, he completed a Bible College by the name of “World Harvest B.C.” in the state of Ohio and served as assistant to a pastor for a few years in the church “Source of Life” in the city of Springfield. In September 1999, Slava Samoylich moved to New York City, where he currently serves as Associate Pastor at “Beth Shalom” Church. He holds the responsibility of the spiritual development of the church members, preaches, and is the head of the Men’s Ministry in the church. He also meets with individuals in need in order to give them guidance and counsel. His wife, Irina, serves in the Worship Group. They have four children, two daughters and two sons.